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Absent leave of court, the number of pages of exhibits and attachments that may be attached to a small claim complaint or small claim counterclaim is limited to fifteen (15).  All exhibits and attachments shall be on 8 ½” by 11” white paper without cover or backing.  All exhibits and attachments must contain a prominent exhibit number (plaintiff) or letter (defendant).  Filers must not attach as an exhibit any pleading or other paper already on file with the court. Filers must not attach as an exhibit any photograph. The court may order the rejection of any pleading or other paper that fails to comply with these rules unless such noncompliance is expressly approved by the court.  Any non-compliant pleading or other paper may be dismissed without prejudice.

These local rules have been added or changed: Rule 10(I) (Notation of Filing on Court Documents). (Local Rules).