Jury Duty

Jury Trial – Not Going Forward

The jury trial Scheduled for 07/11/2024 is cancelled. There is no need to report for jury service.

Jury Hotline  1-833-710-1165

Be sure to call the Jury Hotline the evening BEFORE your scheduled jury date for any last minute cancelations.

If you have been called for jury service, please refer to your summons on completing the questionnaire at https://eResponse.medinaco.org

You may also receive up to date information regarding your date of service by calling the jury hotline at 1-833-710-1165 and entering your juror ID number located on your summons.

Click Here for Directions to the Courthouse


Check this section of our website anytime for the most current juror information.

After 4:30 p.m., Juror information is also available by phone at (330) 723-3287.