The Medina Municipal Court is continuing its transition to electronic means of interaction with parties, counsel, and other justice-involved persons. The Court will shortly be testing a text notice module, to be added to its case management software, which will enable text service to parties and/or counsel of notice of “Court Initiated Filings.” A grant application is also pending for the Court’s development and incorporation of an e-filing module for the system software too. The goal of all of these changes is to simplify and expedite court business, to enhance scheduling flexibility, to reduce variability and delays in serving notice, and to stifle lingering puzzlement about why these technologies are not already available here. All of these changes will be implemented without compromising the protections and rights enjoyed by every litigant.

E-Mail Notices

As its next step, the Court’s 1/10/23 Administrative Order initiated the conversion from routine regular U.S. mail service of Court Initiated Filings to email service of those Filings. The Local Rules (see Loc. R. 10(C)(4)), the Supreme Court of Ohio’s Rules for the Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio (see Sup. R. 5), and the Rules of Civil Procedure (see Civ. R. 5(B)(2)) provide for the use of this means for proper service of documents. All email notifications will show a sender from either




Every person filing documents in this Court is responsible for providing a current email address on those documents and for maintaining current email information during the course of the proceedings. (Loc. R. 10.) This notice is sent to focus attention on this recent change and to encourage all court users to remain alert to emails in their inbox received from this Court concerning their cases. We anticipate that after everyone has acclimated to the changes, they will find them useful and convenient. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during the transition. Judge Gary F. Werner Chief Magistrate Linda A. Leggett Magistrate Charles T. Lawrie